Content Quizzes

BCBA Exam Prep Content Quizzes offers BCBA exam practice resources, such as content quizzes that supplement our mock exams.  All of the questions that are used on our tests and quizzes are created and reviewed by highly-qualified BCBA’s®. Then these questions are beta-tested with a group of BCBA’s® and BCBA® candidates to help rule out confusing questions. The content quizzes are based on the content areas of the BACB’s actual ABA certification exam.  Therefore, they are designed to help you practice your knowledge for the content areas you struggle with.

Most of our Content Quizzes include 25 multiple-choice questions that come from the BACB’s 4th Edition Task List.  Our Content Quizzes provide your overall percentage score and explanations for each question.  You may log in and out as you please, just be sure you submit the quiz within 90 days of starting it.  Our Content Quizzes are available for $10 each (and $5 for the Section-C Quiz).  To start these BCBA exam prep quizzes, click on the quiz you wish to take and you can purchase and access your quiz on that page.  Or purchase a registration code for all 11 quizzes for $75 by clicking here!

BCBA Measurement QuizContent Quiz A: Measurement
photo-1431605695381-f4a9c3cdd150Content Quiz B: Experimental Design
behavior-change-considerationsContent Quiz C: Behavior-Change Considerations
fundamental-elementsContent Quiz D: Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change
assessmentContent Quiz E: Specific Behavior-Change Behaviors
A photo by Vadim Sherbakov. Quiz F: Behavior-Change Systems
writingContent Quiz G: Identification of the Problem
dataContent Quiz H: Measurement
assessmentsContent Quiz I: Assessment
interventionContent Quiz J: Intervention
bcba-supervisionContent Quiz K: Implementation, Management, and Supervision

Please Note: All of our BCBA exam practice quizzes contain different questions from one another.  They also contain entirely different questions than our full-length exams.