Bronze Exam Package (BCBA®)




This exam prep package gives you access to two full-length mock exams.  These are the same mock exams that are available in our Silver and our Gold exam prep packages.  The only difference is in the feedback you receive after taking the exams.  Under this package, you will receive your overall percentage score ONLY (no per-content-area scores, no answer feedback for every question).   You can take each exam one time.  Your testing portal will not be closed until 3+ months after you have completed both exams.   Over 99% of the people who passed these two exams on their first attempt have passed the real certification exam!  For more information regarding these exams, please visit our Mock Exams Page.

 Real Certification Mock Exam: Mock Exam: Version-B
Pass percentage for first-time test takers:66%65.1%66%
Pass percentage for people retaking the exam:28%26.6%29.4%
Score required to pass the exam:76% 76%76%
Average test score for first-time test takers:79%*79.2%78.2%
Percentage of people who passed the real certification exam, after passing our Version-A AND Version-B Mock Exams:99%
Percentage of people who passed the real certification exam, after failing our Version-A Mock Exam but later passing our Version-B Mock Exam:75%

Step 1: Make your purchase and you will receive a Registration Code immediately.  

Step 2: Go to: and click “Register.”   After you complete the registration process, you will be at your dashboard (which is where you can access your mock exams).  

Step 3: If you log out of your dashboard and would like to log back in at a later time, please go to and click “Login.”  (You will then enter your username and password in the upper-right corner.  You will not need to enter your registration code again.) 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have!