Are You Ready to Take the BCBA Exam?

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Are You Ready to Take the BCBA® Exam?

In January 2020, the BACB® announced that the BCBA certification exam will now be administered on a continual basis, rather than having four designated testing months per year.  Now that you have the flexibility to take the BCBA certification exam in any month that you choose, many of you will be asking yourselves, “How will I know when I’m ready to take the BCBA exam?” 

This is a very good question.  You have spent years studying and working within the field of applied behavior analysis and you have met all of the BACB’s requirements to sit for the exam.  You want to pass this exam.  Maybe you even need to pass this exam.  And you feel the weight of the world telling you that you need to take the BCBA exam as soon as possible.  Since the BACB itself does not offer mock exams, you find yourself wishing there was a way to know whether or not you were ready to sit for the BCBA certification exam.  Fortunately, StudyABA provides a solution to this dilemma with our StudyABA’s BCBA Mock Exams.

The Solution

At StudyABA, we believe that our Mock Exams are the most reliable indicator for how well you will perform on the real BCBA certification exam and the data supports our claim.  Over the years, we have administered over 30,000 mock exams to people in 71 different countries around the world!  Over 99% of the people who pass our mock exams go on to pass the real certification exam.  We rigorously analyze the data of thousands of test-takers worldwide to ensure that our mock exams match the difficulty of the real BCBA certification exam.  Because StudyABA mock exams are the closest simulation to the real BCBA certification exam, universities and large ABA organizations choose StudyABA mock exams to analyze how well-prepared their students/employees are for the real BCBA certification exam.

The StudyABA Advantage

StudyABA mock exams are not only an accurate assessment for how well you will perform on the real BCBA exam, they also help you improve your exam score.  The key to increasing your test scores is in our answer explanations.  After you take a StudyABA mock exam through our online testing portal, you will immediately receive your scores and answer explanations for every question.  We methodically break each question down to explain why the correct answer is correct and why the other answer options are incorrect.  Learning how to break a question down to find the correct answer is a complex skill that should be mastered prior to taking the real BCBA exam. 

With our Mastery Modules, you can master the content within the 5th Edition BCBA task list with study aides such as videos, reading lessons, mini-mocks, suggested readings, FAQs, and more!  In fact, people who complete the modules increase their overall exam scores by an average of 12%.  Since most people who fail the exam by only a handful of questions, this package gives you the extra bump you need to get your scores within the passing range!  Because we are so confident in our BCBA Mock Exams, you will receive your Money Back if you fail the real BCBA certification exam after passing our mock exams.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering whether or not you are ready to sit for the BCBA exam, remember that StudyABA mock exams hold the answer.

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Join StudyABA’s Global Mission

StudyABA gives back to the global ABA community.  When you purchase our mock exams, you allow us to continue donating free mock exams to people in underserved countries around the world.  Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of making ABA services more accessible worldwide!

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