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As part of our Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer free access to retake the mocks if you did not pass your real exam. Therefore, if you bought the 4th Edition mocks and did not pass the real exam, we can grant you access to take the respective 5th Edition mocks (rather than retaking the now irrelevant 4th Edition mocks).
The great news is that there is no catch! StudyABA's mission is simple: We want to provide the BEST mock exams at the CHEAPEST prices so that we can do our part to help advance the field of behavior analysis by helping as many people become BCBA's as possible. After all, we can do the world a lot of good!

Just because we offer the cheapest exams out there does NOT mean we sacrifice quality. In fact, we believe that our mock exams are the best in the world and the data supports our belief. Unlike other test prep sites, we do not simply string a list of random questions together and call it a "mock exam". Instead, every single question on our website goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that it matches the difficulty of the real exam and to ensure that it meets our quality standards. Our mock exams are the most reliable indicator for how you will perform on the real exam. However, our mock exams are not just an assessment of how you'll perform on the real exam; they also help you improve your test scores by providing detailed answer explanations. Over 99% of the people who pass our mock exams go on to pass the real BCBA exam.

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Yes, we currently offer a short sample test. Please click HERE to take the sample test for free.
All of our exams are untimed. Therefore, you can pause and resume them at a later time. If your internet cuts out during an exam, you can simply log back in and resume the exam at a later time.
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Having a secure website is one of our top priorities. In all of the years our website has been operating, we have NEVER had an issue with fraud or identity theft.
StudyABA offers practice/mock exams that are written by BCBA’s® and are designed to closely approximate the real certification exam. The exams are taken through our online testing Dashboard, which is designed to be similar in structure to that of the real certification exam (1 question per page, having the ability to scroll back through answers, having the ability to review all answers before submitting, etc). Our exams are based off of the 5th Edition Task List and match the exact amount of questions per content area as the actual certification exam. In addition, since the real certification exam includes 10 pilot questions, our mock exams include 10 additional questions (185 total) to help you practice your timing on the real exam. Each question used on our tests are created and reviewed by highly-qualified BCBA’s®. Then, the questions are reviewed by an editor to correct grammatical issues. Finally, each question is beta-tested with a group of BCBA’s® and BCBA® candidates to rule out any confusing questions and to allow us to ensure the scores of our exams closely match those of the real certification exam.
At StudyABA, we are committed to helping make the world a better place. Helping more people become BCBAs® will help us achieve this goal, because collectively we can do the world a lot of good!

We do not want ANYONE to fail the board exam simply because they can't afford test prep materials. If you are experiencing financial hardships that prohibit you from taking our practice exams, please email us at administration@studyaba.com and explain your situation. We will try our best to make accommodations!
Of course! Let us know if the exchange rate makes it difficult for you to purchase our exams and we will do our best to work out a deal. After all, we want to do our part to help ensure there are as many behavior analysts in the world as possible! Email us at administration@studyaba.com so we can work out the details.