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StudyABA’s BCaBA Mock Exam

We have administered over 30,000 mock exams to people in 71 countries around the world.  Over 99% of the people who pass our BACB® Mock Exams have passed the real certification exam!  As of 2024, here is how StudyABA's BCaBA mock exam stacks up against the real BCaBA® certification exam: StudyABA BCBA mock exam vs real bcba exam

Because StudyABA mock exams closely match the difficulty of the real BCaBA® exam, they are a reliable indicator of exam preparedness. In addition, StudyABA mock exams objectively identify your strengths and weaknesses within the task list, which allows you to develop a precise study plan. StudyABA mock exams are not only a reliable assessment of exam performance; they also help improve your exam scores by giving you detailed answer explanations for every question!
The BCaBA® mock exam is taken through an online testing dashboard, which is designed to simulate the experience of the real BCaBA® certification exam (1 question per page, ability to flag questions for review, ability to scroll back through answers, ability to review all answers before submitting, etc).  Our BCaBA® mock exam is based off of the BACB's® 5th Edition BCaBA® Task List and matches the exact amount of questions per content area as the real certification exam.
StudyABA's BCaBA® mock exam was written and reviewed by highly-qualified BCBAs® who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field.  These BCBAs® come from a variety of backgrounds including college instructors, clinicians, ABA business owners, clinical directors, and more.  Once the questions were written, they were reviewed by an editor to correct any grammatical errors.  Then, each question was beta-tested with a group of 500+ BCBAs® and BCBA® candidates to rule out any questions that do not meet our quality standards.  Finally, we used the data from the beta-test to compile a list of questions that matches the structure and level of difficulty of the real BCaBA® certification exam.



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StudyABA's BCaBA® Mock Exam


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Matches structure and content of the real 5th Edition BCaBA® certification exam

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Please Note: Our BCaBA® Mock exam is based off of the 5th Edition BCaBA® Task List.  Since the BCaBA® task list is nearly identical to the BCBA® task list, BCaBA® candidates will also benefit from our BCBA® Mastery Modules.  

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