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(5th Edition Mock Exams Coming in December 2021)

We have administered over 30,000 mock exams to people in 65 countries around the world. Over 99% of the people who pass our BCBA® Mock Exams have passed the real certification exam! As of 2021, here is how our mock exams stack up against the real BCBA® certification exam:

The exams are taken through an online testing dashboard, which is designed to simulate the experience of the real BCBA® certification exam (1 question per page, ability to flag questions for review, ability to scroll back through answers, ability to review all answers before submitting, etc). Our BCBA® mock exams are based off of the BACB's® 4th Edition Task List and match the exact amount of questions per content area as the real certification exam. In addition, since the real certification exam includes 10 pilot questions, our mock exams include 10 additional questions (160 total) to help you practice your timing on the real exam. All of our BCBA mock exams contain different questions from one another.
StudyABA BCBA® mock exams are written and reviewed by highly-qualified BCBAs® who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field. These BCBAs® come from a variety of backgrounds including college instructors, clinicians, ABA business owners, clinical directors, and more. Once the questions are written, they are reviewed by an editor to correct any grammatical errors. Then, each question is beta-tested with a group of 500+ BCBAs® and BCBA® candidates to rule out any questions that do not meet our quality standards. Finally, we use the data from the beta-test to compile a list of questions that matches the structure and level of difficulty of the real BCBA® certification exam.


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Timed Mock BCBA® Exam


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160 Questions

Matches structure and content of the actual ABA certification exam

Must be completed within 4 hours

Provides your overall score and your scores for each content area

Untimed Mock BCBA® Exam


(Regularly $75)

160 Questions

Matches structure and content of the actual ABA certification exam

No time limit: can pause and resume at later time

Provides your overall score, your scores for each content area, and ANSWER EXPLANATIONS FOR EVERY QUESTION!

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Includes 11 Content Area Quizzes?

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Prepare to Pass™

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Our Best Deal!

Prepare to Pass™ BCBA® Study Guide

STUDY GUIDE DETAILS | Written by Ann Beirne, M.A., BCBA®, the Prepare to Pass™ Study Guide includes over 200 pages of content, a comprehensive list of glossary with easy to remember mnemonics, and real-life examples! This book breaks down each definition in a way that allows understanding and cultivates critical thinking skills, which could be the secret to passing. The author explains, "I’ve often been asked, why do so many people struggle with the test? Well, it often is not a matter of not knowing the answers but of not figuring out the questions."

This study guide will address some of the biggest “road blocks” that we have helped people overcome through our exam prep for years. In this guide, you'll review the following:

●  Vocabulary from the Fourth Edition Task List, along with “plain English” descriptions, examples and helpful mnemonics
●  Our “mix and match method” to make sense of the vocabulary
●  All the math you’ll ever need (for the exam anyway)
●  Data collection tools every behavior analyst needs, along with examples and suggested activities for practice
●  A review of the “Client Centered Responsibilities” section
●  Tips to study smarter, not harder
●  Strategies for analyzing the questions
●  Frequently asked questions about the BACB® exams

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