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5th Edition BCBA® Mock Exams Now Available!

All of our BCBA® Mock Exams are now based off of the BACB’s® 5th Edition Task List.

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Pass the 5th Edition BCBA® exam with the help of our Platinum Exam Package, which is now on sale for $150 (original price=$250).  This is the best deal on our most popular comprehensive exam prep package, which includes 2 full-length exams and 9 content quizzes.  Customers who complete this package increase their exam scores by an average of 11%.  And since most people who fail the exam do so by only a handful of questions, this is the perfect package to bump up your scores to a passing score!  In fact, we are so sure that this package will help you pass the BCBA® exam, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Why choose studyaba for bcba exam prep?

  • WE ARE A TRUSTED SOURCE AROUND THE WORLD: We have administered over 30,000 mock exams to people in 66 countries.  In addition, we have partnered with some of the largest ABA companies and universities in the world.  
  • WE USE EVIDENCE-BASED TEACHING STRATEGIES: Over 99% of the people who have passed both of our BCBA mock exams go on to pass the real BCBA® certification exam!
  • WE HAVE HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS: Every single question on our mock exams and quizzes has gone through a rigorous quality-assurance process.  At least 500 people have taken each question before it ever makes it to our purchasable exams.  That way we can rule out any bad questions and help make our pass rates identical to the real certification exam.  We believe that we are the only provider of BCBA exam prep resources that analyzes every question to ensure that our exams match the difficulty of the real BCBA exam.
  • OUR RESULTS ARE RELIABLE: The scores you receive on our mock exams is a reliable indicator of how well you will score on the real exam.  The pass rates for our mock exams fall within 1% of the pass rates of the real certification exam.  There is no better way to see how you will score on the real exam!
  • WE ARE CONFIDENT IN OUR PRODUCTS: We are so confident that you will pass the real BCBA® exam that we offer a Money Back Guarantee
  • WE GIVE BACK TO THE ABA COMMUNITY: We help disseminate ABA all over the world by providing free mock exams to people in under-served countries.  When you purchase our mock exams, you are helping ABA professionals across the world by helping us maintain this initiative!
  • OUR EXAMS ARE AFFORDABLE: Our exams are about half of the cost of our competitors.  But don’t let that fool you, we offer affordable mock exams without sacrificing the quality.


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BCBA® Mock Exams

Over 99% of the people who pass StudyABA mock exams have gone on to pass the real certification exam.  Join the thousands of BCBA’s® who chose StudyABA mock exams to help them pass the BCBA® certification exam.

RBT® Mock Exams

Gain confidence with our RBT® mock exams.  Our detailed answer explanations will help you better understand the content included in the RBT® exam.  Pass the RBT® exam or get your money back.

BCaBA® Mock Exams

Our BCaBA® mock exam matches the content and structure of the real certification exam.  It also includes detailed answer explanations for every question.  In addition, since the BCaBa® certification exam uses the same task list as the BCBA® certification exam, our BCBA® mock exams are also recommended for people who are sitting for the BCaBA® exam.

BCBA Exam Prep Bundle Deals

Create the perfect BCBA® Exam Prep Package that suits your needs and saves you mr Asia, please contact us and we will let you know if you qualify for a free RBT, BCaBA  or BCBA mock exam.  Create the perfect BCBA® Exam Prep Package for your needs while saving money.  Upon your purchase, you will immediately receive an access code that you can use to create a login on our “Dashboard” page.  Then freely access all of your exams and quizzes on your dashboard. 


At, we offer resources to help people pass the BCBA®, BCaBA®, and RBT® examination and expand their knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis. We offer BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT mock exams, study guides, content quizzes, and other resources that help people provide the highest quality of behavior-analytic services possible. We are committed to providing cost-friendly BCBA exam prep resources, without sacrificing the quality of the study materials. In fact, we have helped thousands of people pass the BCBA exam with our BCBA mock tests! We understand the current need for more behavior analysts and behavior technicians in the world. Therefore, we want to do our part to help people expand their knowledge in ABA and become BCBA’s® and RBT’s®. After all, we can do the world a lot of good!

Attention International Test Takers

To help fulfill our mission of spreading Applied Behavior Analysis across the globe, we are offering FREE mock exams to people who live and work in underserved countries.  We understand the need for BCBA’s® in these areas and want to do our part to help people pass the BCBA exam!  Therefore, if you live and work in areas such as Eastern Europe or Asia, please contact us and we will let you know if you qualify for a free RBT, BCaBA or BCBA mock exam.  This is available for a limited time.  (Please note that our mock exams are only available in English at this time.)