BCaBA® Mock Exam




This 160-question mock exam is designed to help people prepare for the 5th Edition BCaBA® exam.  You can take this mock exam twice.  This exam must be completed within 4 hours.  However, you can pause and resume the exam as many times as you would like.  When you finish the exam, you will immediately receive: your overall percentage score, your scores for each content area, and detailed answer explanations for every question.  Additional information on our BCaBA mock exam can be found here.

  • Step 1: Make your purchase and you will receive a Registration Code immediately via email.  
  • Step 2: Go to: and click “Register.”   After you complete the registration process you will be at your dashboard, which is where you can access your mock exam.  
  • Step 3: If you log out of your dashboard and would like to log back in at a later time, please go to and click “Login.”  (You will then enter your username and password in the upper-right corner.  You will not need to enter your registration code again.)

Please contact us with any questions that you have!