Platinum Exam Package (BCBA®)

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Money Back Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee
    Thousands of BCBAs have trusted this package to help them pass the BCBA® exam.  This is our most popular package because test-takers increase their test scores by an average of 11 percent!  Since most people who fail the real exam do so by only a handful of questions, this is the package you need to bump your scores up into the passing range.  Over 99% of all people who pass both post-tests in this package go on to pass the real BCBA® exam!

    What this Package Includes

The Platinum Exam Package includes 2 Full-Length Mock Exams and 9 Content Area Quizzes. Each of the mock exams match the content and structure of the 5th Edition BCBA Exam®. That's 700+ total questions! You can take each Full-Length Mock Exam twice and each Content Area Quiz once. You will receive detailed answer explanations for every question in this package. There is no time limit to complete each exam/quiz and you will access to your Dashboard for as long as you need.  (We will not close your Dashboard until you have completed all of your exams/quizzes OR your account has been inactive for 6 months.)

We are so confident that you will pass the real certification exam if you pass both of our post-tests, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. A full purchase refund will be provided contingent upon:

1. 100% completion of all 9 content quizzes and both post-tests.

2. Passing BOTH post-tests with a score of 76% or better on your first attempt.

3. Failure of the official BCBA® exam, within 90 days of completing Steps 1 and 2.

4. Official exam results from the BACB® stating that you did not pass the exam.

*If Steps 1-4 are met, you are eligible for a full refund. You have 14 days from the day you took your BCBA® exam to claim your Money Back Guarantee. To submit a claim, please email your official exam report to and you will receive your refund within 1-3 business days. *Please note that StudyABA reserves the right to deny a refund if cheating is suspected. Our decision to deny refunds will be solely based upon our data anomaly detection process, which objectively examines several key data points to identify significant deviations from the average data sets of the thousands of test takers who have completed our exams. Appeals to our decision to deny refunds will be settled by a third-party data analytics company.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Refund

If you are not completely satisfied while taking your first exam/quiz, we will issue you a full refund! Simply log out of the first exam/quiz (before completing it) and send an email to within 24 hours explaining that you want a refund. (No refund will be provided if you finish the exam/quiz and do not like your scores; please make sure you log out before you finish your exam/quiz.) We will refund your entire purchase, with no questions asked. Although no one has ever taken us up on this offer, we want to give you this peace of mind when you make your purchase. You have nothing to lose and a rewarding career as a BCBA® to gain!

Satisfaction Guarantee: Re-Access to Platinum Exam Prep Package

If you DO NOT pass both of our post-tests and also DO NOT pass the real exam, you can retake all of the exams and quizzes in this package for free.  This satisfaction guarantee will be provided contingent upon:

1. 100% completion of all 9 content quizzes and both post-tests.

2. Failure of the official BCBA exam (you must sit for the exam within 90 days of completing Step 1).

3. Official Exam Results from the BACB® stating that (a) you did not pass the official exam, and (b) you took the official exam within 90 days of completing Step 1.

*If Steps 1-3 are met, you are eligible for free access to retake all of the quizzes and exams in the Platinum Exam Prep Package. You have 14 days from the day you fail your BCBA® exam to claim your Satisfaction Guarantee.  To submit a claim for the Satisfaction Guarantee, please email your BACB® exam report to:  This Satisfaction Guarantee is only available one time.

Step 1: Make your purchase and you will receive a Registration Code (on the purchase confirmation screen and via email).

Step 2: Go to: and click “Register."   Use the registration code you received to create an account.  After you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to your dashboard (which is where you can access all of your mock exams and content quizzes).

Step 3: If you log out of your dashboard and would like to log back in at a later time, please go to and click “Login."  You will then enter the username and password (that you created in Step 2) in the upper-right corner.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at